The benefits of downsizing

08.08.2016 Read about Rita Wing and her partner who decided to downsize to a Hanover home.

8.8.16 Rita Wing and her partner decided to downsize for one simple reason: neither wanted to become a burden to others.

Although both healthy, they decided to move now – at their leisure and while they still have the energy – rather than wait until they had no choice.

'We were just being realistic,' said Rita. 'We are getting older and decided there was no point in burying our heads in the sand.'

What made it easier for them is that they have never liked clutter. Nor have they ever been hoarders.

'We know some people become very attached to their homes and cannot bear to leave their old lives behind,' said Rita. 'But to us, a house is just bricks and mortar and always has been.'

The same applied to all their furniture.

'We sold it all,' said Rita. 'And we bought new stuff because we saw this as a new start.'

Rita and her partner were one of the first couples to move into Hanover’s prestigious new downsizer home development, The Hythe, in Egham, Surrey.

The couple had watched The Hythe being built from the home they had previously owned in Staines upon Thames, just three miles away.

'For us, this was just the right place in the right location at the right time,' said Rita.

While the contemporary one and two-bedroom apartments are aimed at the over-55s, the choice of wording had been important to Rita and her partner when they were searching for a property to move in to.

'If it had been described as a care home, we would not be here,' she said.

But they know help is there if – one day – it is needed.

Hanover says it’s easy and simple to install any home aids or adaptations, along with the option to connect to the Hanover on Call telephone monitoring and response service.

For Rita and her partner, downsizing to a two-bedroomed apartment with one bathroom has not meant downgrading.

Instead they say it has been liberating to leave their four-bedroomed home with three bathrooms and two gardens.

'It was strange to have just one bathroom but we quickly got used to it,' said Rita. 'Sometimes we have to queue to use the loo!'

Now they can enjoy the landscaped gardens without worrying about maintaining them.

They also don’t need to worry about general maintenance. That is all taken care of by Hanover. In fact, all they have to worry about is the housework.

'We used to spend hours cleaning our old home but we can whip round this in no time,' said Rita. 'And that leaves us time to do the things we enjoy.