When completing forms on this site you may be asked for personal information such as name, address and postcode. In providing this information you are giving your consent to Hanover storing and processing this information.

Information may be collected:

  • to fulfil your request for information or services
  • as input to improving our site
  • as part of the process of consultation

Hanover Housing Association is the controller of personal information for the purposes of the Data Protection Act. The data controller is responsible for deciding how your information is used and ensuring it is private and secure.  

Any information held by us will be processed in compliance with the principles set out in the Data Protection act. We will:

  • continue to strengthen our procedures for maintaining the confidentiality of all personal information we hold
  • require all of our employees to comply fully with this policy and data protection principles
  • hold the minimum personal information necessary to enable us to perform our functions which is erased in accordance with our records retiention policy.
  • make every effort to ensure this information is accurate, up-to-date and that any inaccuracies are corrected without unnecessary delay
  • obtain all personal data in accordance with the Fair Processing Code and lawfully process it in accordance with the conditions for processing
  • design our systems and processes to comply with data protection principles
  • not publish personal data on our website without the explicit consent of its subject
  • take immediate action if we discover that our policies are not being complied with

Any personal information will only be disclosed for notified purposes to:

  • our staff: where the information is vital to their work
  • the courts: under the direction of a court order
  • our partners: strictly in accordance with agreed protocols
  • Others: as detailed in the notified register entry

Information collected is not shared with other organisations for commercial purposes.

Further information

You will find further privacy information, including a full Privacy notice, for tenants here and for homeowners here.

Advice on how to request a copy of the personal information we hold about you can be found on our Requesting Your Personal Information helpsheet on the Hanover website.

The individual responsible for data protection compliance at Hanover Housing Association is the Data Protection Officer. They can be contacted as follows:

By email:

By post:
Data Protection Officer
Hanover Housing Association
Nelson House
Alington Road
St Neots
PE19 6RE